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From May 31st to June 1st, the United Arab Emirates Dubai Smart Card, Payment and Retail Exhibition (Seamless Middle East) was held at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center. Fujian Morefun Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Morefun Technology") brought a full range of intelligent terminal products and solutions appeared at the exhibition, becoming the focus of attention on the exhibition site.

Exhibition review

As the largest financial professional exhibition in the Middle East, Seamless Middle East has attracted more than 300 exhibitors and tens of thousands of exhibitors from all over the world. At the exhibition, Morefun Technology won high recognition and unanimous praise from participating customers with its diversified products and intelligent industry solutions.

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Morefun Smart POS family

Morefun Technology displayed a variety of smart payment terminals such as Android POS(MF919, POS10Q, MF960, MF360), Linux POS(H9, MP70), mpos(MP63), QR code terminal(MF66S, MF66B, MF67), etc. at the exhibition. These products can be used in various scenarios to meet the diversified needs of merchants and users, and bring customers For an easier, faster and safer payment experience. 

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For the Middle East market, our MF919, POS10Q and H9 is very popular with local payment service providers, and we have carried out in-depth cooperation with local payment companies to promote the development and convenience of the financial payment industry.

At present, our MF919, POS1QQ and H9 have passed the PURE certification in the Middle East market, which meets the requirements of payment equipment in the local market and can be quickly put into payment project using scenarios.

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Global cooperation

The 2022 Dubai exhibition has ended, thank you for your attention and support; in the future, with the continuous deepening of global cooperation, Morefun Technology will continue to rely on its technical research and development strength, and strive to create better and more comprehensive payment products and services for users .

Post time: Jun-09-2022