New software copyright certificates obtained

Recently, we obtained 16 software copyright certificates issued by the National Copyright Administration.

We always attached great importance to technological development innovation and intellectual property protection, and have obtained more than 50 software copyrights and over 30 invention patents. These patents embody the enthusiasm and wisdom of the R&D team, and play an active role in the comprehensive promotion of the company’s market development, POS terminal innovation, qualification maintenance and other work. We will make persistent efforts, adhere to the value orientation of “innovation and excellence”, make breakthroughs in new technologies and new solutions for mobile POS devices, and comprehensively enhance the company’s scientific research and innovation strength.

The 16 computer software copyrights obtained by our company this time are not only the authoritative qualifications of software products with independent intellectual property rights, but also the proof of the core technology of our company and the strong scientific and technological strength of the company, marking the company’s technological R&D and independent intellectual property rights another new progress, but also an important testimony of the company’s commitment to professional technology.

New software copyright certificates obtained


Post time: Nov-07-2022